Irene McCabe

Munay Ki Rite

Lorna ..... Still processing all this! Feel reborn and yes... I do feel as if I have shed skins and dross! I don't know how to Thank You for the gift of these Rites and all you do for me, Lorna ! You really are an earth angel and I can't believe how blessed I am to call you my friend! Feeling in deepest gratitude and truly blessed I just cannot convey in words the enormity and power of these Rites and I am eternally grateful I received them from you, my darling friend. Aileen Rowan and Cara Potts so enjoyed your company and your energy in this unique, life-transforming process. We are now connected on many levels. You know I was drawn to have the Rites Lorna and the synchronicity that led me back to you is nothing short of divine intervention! What a story! What an experience! For those folks on this post who are interested .... this is spectacularly powerful stuff and you would be in the best hands ever to receive them from Lorna Cannot Thank You enough for your guidance, wisdom, kindness, and LOVE! You are an incredible human being Lorna McLean I'm so blessed to call you a long-standing friend! How lucky am I. I Love You.

Sean M.

Sacred Healing

Thank you once again for opening the door today. I'm sure it leads to a place of understanding, wisdom and authenticity. I am so looking forward to asking more questions both of myself, and of you, as I absolutely know that the wisdom is there with you. It’s so abundantly clear that your connection to the music of the spheres is a uniquely strong one, and it’s been a privilege to be shown a little of the path to a truthful place with you. I've never felt so at once vulnerable and yet utterly secure and respected as today. Now I feel charged and clearer than ever that I want to follow the path of authenticity and share it with the others in my life. This is in great measure due to my brief time with you. There are no words

Lynn Howarth

Reiki with Animals

I have a funny wee Jack Russell called Oskar who
can sometimes get a bit hyper apparently its typical of the breed. Lorna came to visit
one day and gave him a special treat of doggie Reiki. The transformation was
immediate. He became really chilled out and relaxed in her company and sat right
next to her the whole time while she was talking to me. Normally he will get
excitable when someone comes but with Lorna's amazing touch he became putty in her hands.

Lynn Paterson

Sacred Healing

It's been my honour and delight to work with you Lorna .... I treasure the many beautiful moments we've shared through our mutual experiences of training, workshops, massages and other events. You radiate a Delicious blend of love, sensuality and compassion that is hard to resist! You are such an amazing being and you have the power to help and guide so many others on their healing paths.

Care Potts

Munay Ki Rite

Y'Know me Lorna darling not one to be lost for words ..... but seriously this has been one of the most life transforming 2 days I've ever had ......... utterly Priceless, Totally Sacred....... huge and powerful medicine ....... I'm blown away 100% I've shed lifetimes of skins already ......... Thank you with all I am ......... Love you all Xxxxxxxxx Aho to all of that ...... this is the most Important gateway for those that feel the call the step through ....... our very evolution depends on this depth of work Soooo grateful to have shared with you Irene, Aileen and Darling Lorna ....... it was more than perfect Lets take it to the fire :) I'm still speechless ....... and I know these tears come from the power, love and Sacredness we were all graced over the workshop Sister, I know that my life is never going to be the same again ...... and this is only the beginning ......... With all my gratitude and deepest love and respect to you.


Sacred Healing

This was a deeply spiritual and healing experience for me. I felt reconnected to myself again and remembered to both love and like myself again. I had been feeling a bit fragmented before the treatment and afterwards felt as if I had realigned myself and brought all parts of me together again. It took a few days to process the healing but it was worth it.

Martina Prazakova

Reiki Class

A weekend with love and gratitude sparking inside of my heart thank
Words are not enough to express how much I am blessed to have had this magnificent you Lorna McLean for
teaching us, being there for us and your unconditional love and support. I have met beautiful
women who encouraged me to believe in myself and in my power, Thank all of you women
and Ganesh. Tears are full of happiness and buzzing magnificent Reiki energy. Healing with
Reiki makes me feel more light and positive for better time in life. Felt that I have the power
within me as I never believed I am able to do it. I feel powerful and able to heal myself. Also
connecting with Lorna.

Stewart C.

Sacred Healing

I had a very powerful experience working with Lorna. I felt an incredible surge of Divine energy coming through my body, which took me to a place of real tenderness and beauty. Thanks Lorna, for holding the space for this to happen. I loved your playful and Heart-centred energy. Thanks for an amazing session.


Reiki Class

I enjoyed this weekend tremendously and feel confident to move forward with Usui Holy Fire
Powerful, Enlightening, Inspiring, Confidence inducing. Amazingly wonderful Reiki -to for working together with the beautiful Holy Fire energy. What a lovely gathering of souls ❣ Thank you, Lorna McLean, for guiding us through our Reiki learning and
for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Thank you so much for such a profound experience – and things are even better with my Mum!

Katie McAtee-Smith


Still buzzing from the evening with Lorna Mclean my Reiki Masters at
Manifesting Abundance workshop. This lady is truly an inspiration and has been for me... my lifeline
Sharing your knowledge of love and peace for many years. I want to thank you from my Heart. You are making a huge difference to our world. Love and light. Look forward to educating the new generation with you and all our friends xxx

Eunice Campbell

Usui Holy Fire Reiki

My life is changing rapidly at the moment in a positive way and I’m ready to embrace it.  I can tell you that this all started when my beautiful daughter introduced me to the world of Reiki. You and your teachings have completely changed my life for the better Lorna and I thank you and look forward to joining you again in your workshops soon.   Much Love  

 Julie Collins

Usui Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki Holy Fire Reiki what a gift you've given me

Saved me from the darkness towards the light that shines in me I'll stay forever thankful Divine Universal energy

In the knowledge that God sent You too set my Spirit free Your love is indescribable your healing holds no bounds

I was so lost without you and I feel that I've been found

I'm Blessed with healing love I'll treasure

Because Gods Love it has no measure.

Michelle Mair

Watched your video interview. Was very candid and true. To find something good in what is in actual fact a tragedy is truly inspirational. U have made me stronger along my journey too. Thank you   xx

Angela Coyle

Usui Holy Fire Reiki

I just wanted to send you a wee message to thank you again for last weekend. I cannot believe how much it has meant to me. Just in this last week so much has been opened up and I have already started making changes. I’m noticing so many things and now that I am, I feel like the universe is showing me more. I am forever thankful for this gift and the inspiration from yourself. Hope you’re well. Sending love and light.

Eilidh Weir

Usui Holy Fire Reiki

Thank you so much - and THANK YOUUU for another magical day. Since getting back home this evening I’ve already practiced on 3 family members whom all had amazing experiences with it (and it was my sceptical brother’s very first time - he saw green and white lights, it must run in the family haha!)

I'm sure it's because of you I've been making a miraculous recovery after my accident I return your healing with my love and appreciation !

GRATITUDE I first met Lorna in 2005 and she inspired me so much that in 2006 I started my Reiki journey with Lorna my Reiki Master.. fast forward to 2019 and I am now a Self employed Reiki Master Teacher with my own premises... Lorna I can't thank you enough for the support and encouragement. I appreciate the opportunities that you offer me for example Reiki gatherings further training to enhance my toolkit to many to mention. if I were to rate Lorna McLean it would be 100% an inspirational, motivational strong lovable lady... Namaste

The first time I met Lorna was to receive Reiki from her The energy I received from Lornas' soul was magical I was then able to connect to my inner self Helping me blend with Multiple Scleroses The next step Lorna took me on was to learn Reiki for my own healing One big beautiful circle of compassion No givers no receivers A beautiful blend of pure love in which I will be forever grateful for Thank you to Sensei Mclean for paving the way ️For me and my family to have the real me 

Lorna is so compassionate and passionate about Reiki. She is a wonderful wise and humble individual. I have attended her Reiki shares and received Reiki 1, 2 and Master level and I have learnt so much from her. I look forward to her Reiki Master Teacher in February. I am so grateful I met Lorna and for her support and guidance. 

Lorna is fantastic! Her energy is so vibrant, her teaching skills are wonderful and her love for what she does is just so obvious - it shines through everything. I loved learning my Reiki 1 and 2 with her and I can’t wait to go back for my Masters. She’s a brilliant laugh, a kindred spirit, a beautiful kind soul and one of my all-time favourite people. I can’t recommend her and what she has to offer highly enough.

Lorna is an incredible, intuitive practitioner. Her compassion and love have helped me over the many years beyond measure in my own journey with Reiki. I have no hesitation in recommending Lorna for the wonderful service she provides

Lorna is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate person who makes her students feel at ease as she guides, whilst enriching her students with new skills and understanding. Thoroughly recommended.

Would highly recommend Lorna indeed everything she does is from her heart ️. She is compassion, warmth,nurturing has so much knowledge and understanding. When you are around her magic happens. Have been very fortunate to have done my holy fire reiki 1 and 2 then on to holy fire master practitioner. She is such a beautiful soul.

I highly recommend Lorna. She is a beautiful woman inside and out, compassionate, humble, non judgemental and warm.

Lorna has helped me so much on my personal development and at a particular difficult time when she held my space with so much love and was there by my side. So much grattitude to you dear Lorna.

Lorna's patience, integrity and ability to regularly hold a wonderfully sacred space either individually or for classes all combine to make the experience very deep and very healing. 

I am so thankful to have been introduced to Lorna. I have regular treatments and Lorna unreservedly holds space for clients with so much love, passion and wisdom. Such gratitude to a wonderfully wise woman.

Mad Menopause? When I get round to writing it Lorna McLean will definitely feature in that
book too. I’m slap bang in the middle of menopause at the moment with all the mad
symptoms that come with it, so called on Lorna for some help. A trip to Lorna’s house is
never your standard tea and biscuit affair and yesterday was no different. I drank some
cacao, turmeric and chilli medicine, ate some rock (not the Blackpool mint stuff – actual rock
from a sacred aboriginal site down under) and chanted to my womb as Lorna passed on the
13th rite of the Munay-ki – an ancient ceremony shamans used to heal women. I also
received Reiki and reflexology.
Now, I’m the first to admit this all sounds bonkers but we were both sober and there wasn’t
a bong in sight! I felt an electric current pass through my body as Lorna touched my head
and during the Reiki treatment it felt as if something was moving around inside my
abdomen (kind of like a hernia) and then it popped. I felt a bit spaced out but relaxed for the
first time in ages.
Last night I went to bed early and slept for a solid 12 hours. This morning my cramps have
gone and I feel as if I could climb Ben Nevis! Something has surely lifted and I feel recharged
and rebalanced.
There are a lot of wahooloonballs selling snake oil and far too many unqualified therapists
in Scotland. So if you are looking for abona-fide energy worker and shamanic healer or just
a wee massage, reflexology or Reiki treatment - then Lorna is your girl. I wouldn’t go anywhere

I went to Lorna for my Reiki I attunement in 2018 and came back last week for Reiki II - both were absolutely magical days. Lorna’s home has beautiful energy, and Lorna holds space in a way that allows everyone to individually shine. I will be back for my Master in the future with Lorna, and would recommend her to anyone.

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