Sacred Healing Massage

Aspects of Shamanic Healing and Sacred Healing Massage ~ Peace Love & Healing

Lorna’s journey has taken her through many amazing, beautiful and healing experiences and her ability to weave, blend and merge together many of the techniques she has learned including massage and Reiki has brought her to Sacred Healing Massage. Lorna is a great believer in sharing her life experience and now brings this forward in a vibration of loving, nurturing, healing energy. Working intuitively, Lorna offers help to both Women and Men on their own healing journey ~ helping individuals understand their own true nature as spiritual, emotional and sensual beings ~ helping them to learn to love themselves again ~ Honouring the God/Goddess within, and the Divinity in us all ~ bringing personal empowerment ~ helping them to embody Bliss.
The Alchemical process of Love ~ blending, weaving and merging spirituality, emotionality and sensuality is a powerful one, bringing with it many things including responsibility to self, an understanding of each others’ boundaries, intimacy (in-to-me-see), authenticity, communication, playfulness and conscious presence. This process can help us to grow ourselves better, so that we can then offer our very best self to others.
Sacred Healing Massage can help re-programme feelings we may have of guilt and shame, which can be instilled and nurtured by outside influences from an early age (often without consciously realising what they are doing) ~ this has the potential to shape us in ways that do not serve our highest good. Sacred Healing Massage offers us an opportunity to heal and to free ourselves from these limiting beliefs of possible learned behaviour.
This can be a wonderful healing journey for anyone who finds they are holding back for whatever reason, emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually, and particularly with any kind of abuse issue, helping to heal your relationship with yourself, your partner, lover, child, friend, co-worker, the planet.... bringing you back to your vibrant, vital self. Sacred Massage is both healing and sensual, helping you to become more lovingly connected and free with yourself.
With aspects of Shamanic Healing, using sacred herbs, oils, Reiki, crystals, sound energy, movement, breathwork and ritual, allow yourself to be taken on a beautiful healing journey ~ releasing what no longer serves your highest purpose on Earth. (For further information of oils see Mind and Emotions).
Among Lorna’s teachers are Carlos Jalon from London, Vesco Bondov from Ireland, Baba Dez Nichols from the Sedona Temple in Arizona, Shakti Malan from South Africa and of course the lovely Lynn Paterson from Cork. Lorna has found that throughout her training in aspects of Tantra and Shamanic ways, there has been a re-membering.... of the importance of the healing properties of nurturing touch…. this has brought Lorna to Sacred Healing Massage.

Lorna offers sessions to Women, Men and Couples regardless of their sexual orientation. 
Lorna facilitates workshops on Sacred Healing Massage for couples helping to bring more intimacy and sacred connection to relationship. 

Booking and Pricing information
•Your first session will be a consultation which is extremely important ~ as this allows us to discuss where you are at now and what you are aiming for on your own healing journey. Consultation £60.

•Sacred Healing Massage ~ £100 per hour (recommended session time 1.5 hours) 

•To Book a session... please contact Lorna on 07951 664846

Please Note ~
Lorna has created a very safe and sacred space for you to be yourself and confidentiality is of utmost importance between client and therapist.
Lorna does not offer same day appointments ~ please call or email to book a time in advance ~ a 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required ~ 
Please do not contact Lorna unless you have a genuine interest in your own healing journey. Lorna's time with you is for Sacred Healing Massage and Ceremony ~ this is about you allowing yourself to accept and discover yourself. This can help you to be ok with not doing something… about receiving only… With Sacred Healing Massage there are no goals….. there are no expectations. Massage can and will be refused or terminated at Lorna's discretion. Please respect Lorna's boundaries.


To Book contact Lorna on 07951 664846 or email

Sacred Healing Massage

  • To Book contact Lorna on 07951 664846 or email

    • Your first session will begin with a consultation which is extremely important ~ as this allows us to discuss where you are at now and what you are aiming for on your own healing journey.
    • Sacred Healing Massage ~ £100 per hour (recommended session time 2 hours for your first session ~ minimum booking time is 1.5 hours thereafter)