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Reiki with Animals

Reiki with all Creatures Great and Small.

Lorna offers ICRT Animal Reiki Training Classes for anyone from any Usui Reiki lineage.

Animal Reiki Training 1st and 2nd Degree  ~ a 2 day class for anyone who has already received 1st and 2nd degree Usui Reiki.

ICRT Animal Reiki 1 & 2 Training

This training is thorough and comprehensive. On completion of this 2-day workshop, you will be able to offer Animal Reiki treatments to all species of animals.

Animal Reiki energy received in this course is its own energy. It is a different energy source than human reiki. The placement given in the class will attune and unify the Animal Reiki energy with your existing Reiki energy and symbols. The Animal Reiki Course includes the Animal Reiki Placement which gives the practitioner the ability to channel the Animal Reiki Energy. This course also includes practitioner skills, tools, and techniques. This class is open to all lineages.

During the two day Animal Reiki 1&2 Class you will:

  • Receive Animal Reiki Placements 1 & 2.

  • Become a qualified Animal Reiki practitioner.

  • Receive a comprehensive Animal Reiki 1 & 2 Manual authored by
    Colleen Benelli, Sioux Strong, Robyn Benelli, and Pamela Allen-Leblanc .

  • Receive the Animal Reiki symbol.

  • Learn the 3 priorities of Animal Reiki.

  • Be qualified to give in-“person” and distance Animal Reiki sessions.

  • Learn how to give Reiki to many different species of animals.

  • You will learn session techniques, both in-person and distance.

  • Get experience working with animals in real-time on Zoom and possibly live in person.

  • Learn basics on shelter and volunteer work, and creating your own Animal Reiki business.

This class is open to all Reiki lineages and belief systems with animal relationship, but you must be Reiki Level 1 & 2 to register.

Class fee is £400.
You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Animal Reiki Master Training ~ a 3 day class for anyone who has already received 1st and 2nd degree Animal Reiki and is already an Usui Master Teacher  

The Animal Reiki Master course provides the Animal Reiki energy, as well as the tools and techniques needed to practice, share Reiki with animals, and teach Animal Reiki with skill and expertise. You will learn the deeper tools and techniques for sessions, as well as how to teach the tools and techniques for your Animal Reiki class as a Master practitioner. After completion of this course you will be able to teach Animal Reiki I & II and Animal Reiki Master level classes, both online and in-person.

If you feel called to help animals or are already working with animals but want to deepen your skills and technique, or feel called to teach Animal Reiki,  the Animal Reiki energy is specifically reiki energy for animals. The Animal Reiki symbol received in this Master class empowers the vitality and life force in both animals and people. It unifies the human and animal consciousness in the Reiki practitioner. The Animal Reiki energy and this Master class is deeply healing for people, as much as it is for the animals. 

The Master course also comes with the comprehensive Animal Reiki Master Manual authored by Colleen Benelli, Sioux Strong, Robyn Benelli, and Pamela Allen-Leblanc with class outlines included.

In this 3-day course, you will:

  • Learn additional skills to help heal and work with animals using Reiki.

  • Receive four Ignitions to the Animal Reiki Energy. 

  • Receive the symbol for Animal Reiki Energy.

  • Receive experiences and meditations.

  • Be qualified to teach Animal Reiki I & II and Animal Reiki Master upon completion of the course.

This Master course is a great fit if you want to:

  • Deepen your experience, knowledge, communion with the animals and the Divine Earth.

  • Learn additional practitioner healing tools and Animal Reiki healing tools – including how to attune Animals to Animal Reiki energy.

  • Teach Animal Reiki  to others.

  • Receive instruction on how to give Placements for Animal Reiki I&II, Master and how to conduct the Experiences and four Ignitions for Animal Reiki Master.

  • Have hands-on practice time every day of class.

  • Learn the tools and techniques for creating an Animal Reiki class including online class techniques.

The Animal Reiki Master training is a three-day class. This class is open to all Reiki lineages and belief systems with animal relationship, but you must be Animal Reiki I & II and human Reiki Master level to register.

Class fee is £600
You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Contact Lorna for details...

Since a young child, Lorna always had a variety of pets and was taught from a very young age how to love, nurture and respect small creatures. So it comes very easily to Lorna to bring Reiki to animals. She has had many beautiful experiences offering Reiki to all her pets, neighbors dogs and cats, spiders & bumblebees in the garden, visiting frogs, beautiful horses, Lamas in Peru, Tigers in Thailand, Elephants in India and many many more.

Here is some information on how Reiki can help your Animal...

Animals can suffer pain, fear and anger from emotional trauma the same as humans... afterall we are also part of the Animal Kingdom. Reiki has an affinity and compassion with the energies of animals and works equally well on animals as it does with people. Animals have an aura and a Chakra system as we do. If you are attuned to Reiki yourself , then simply by placing your hands on or near animals and focusing your intent on sharing reiki for the  animals needs to help it heal either on the physical or the emotional. In a short space of time, you will see the animal respond to the Reiki healing energy. 


Consent from the Caregiver and the Animal is always a priority. This is the Animals choice to receive... we  only ever offer reiki from a place of love and compassion.

Observing an animals behaviour during reiki allows us to see ways they are responding. All animals/creatures are sensitive to healing. When you place your hands on or near their body with the intent to channel Reiki the animal will often move around until your hands are on the area they wish to heal. They will often remain quiet and peaceful until they have had enough Reiki and then move away... there are other body language cues that may help us understand how the animal is feeling.

When channeling Reiki for animals/creatures we would work in the same way as for humans, using intuition and common sense is the key when it comes to hand positions as it will depend very much on the size of the animal/creature.  Always take our own and the Animals safety into consideration when working... especially with larger animals. 

Small animals/creatures can be cupped gently in their hands giving complete support but making sure that their head is facing away from you and free from any restriction.
Snakes and other reptiles ~ Ask the owner about how the pet is normally handled. Work from head to tail or do the whole snake at once.
Larger animals ~ Horses, Dogs, Cats ~ With cupped hands working from the head down, the animal may lie down, sit or stand.
(If you are working with fish in a fishbowl then you can Reiki the water or Reiki thru the glass, do not touch the fish or remove the fish from the water) Reptiles/Insects can be kept in a suitable container and offer Reiki through the container. Only handle the creature if it is safe and appropriate to do so.

If you are  a reiki practitioner working with an animal/creature that belongs to someone else please be aware of the following:
This information has come from The UK Reiki Federation Website and is worth reading ~

Kush Kumar, Chairman of has said the following ~
".... Reiki for animals has been growing in popularity over recent years and in response to this the Reiki Council UK have compiled some basic guidance for Reiki practitioners drawn to working with animals. The RCVS classes Reiki in the same category as Faith Healing/ Spiritual Healing and therefore Reiki is not considered the practice of veterinary surgery. However, the law relating to animals is far more restrictive than laws relating to working with humans, so please make sure you are working within the law. If working abroad, check any legal position in the country you are visiting because laws do differ. Some countries, for instance, may have laws forbidding touching wild animals. I completely advocate complementary therapies being used for animals as long as the animal is treated respectfully and within the law". 

The British Veterinary Association approves of Reiki but, as with humans, we must not diagnose or treat. It is recommended that you consult a Veterinary Practitioner. Reiki is not an alternative to a visit to your Vet... but it can work very well in conjunction with your Veterinary Practitioners treatment.

The caregiver must be asked if they have consulted a veterinary practitioner and if not they must be advised to do so and it would be advised that a disclaimer be completed and signed by the caregiver along the following lines:

I have been advised by _______________________________ (Reiki Practitioner) that I should consult a veterinary practitioner with my animal ______________________________ (animal name and species e.g. Fluffy the Cat) Signed ______________________________________ Dated ___________________________

You cannot insist that they consult a Vet. It is then up to you if you wish to give the animal Reiki or not. If you give Reiki to an animal that has not been referred to a Vet or the caregiver has not signed a disclaimer you are open to legal proceedings being taken against you and your insurance cover may be invalidated.  (please check..  as animal laws and rules may differ in different areas of the UK and the World)

It goes without saying that animals always be treated with kindness and respect. At all times respect the feelings of the Caregiver and offer Reiki with love.

Contact Lorna if you wish to attend a class or if you feel your animal may benefit from a reiki session in person or distance.

Usueful Information from the UK Reiki Federation ~

Testimonial from Susan 


 Back in the summer, Lorna visited Maguire and Mojo, two wonderful horses whom I help to look after. They both received a reiki session from her and it was a fantastic experience. Maguire is an older boy who has arthritis in his back legs, so his owner and I were really interested to see how reiki affected him. As soon as Lorna approached him he became incredibly calm. He is a gentle horse, but he is not a horse who normally really likes to stand still and have someone put their arms around him. He let Lorna stand right in front of him with her arms around his chest and I have never seen him be content to stay like that before, not least with a stranger! At one point he began to stamp his back leg, the one which is most affected by arthritis - I thought this was very weird as he is not a 'stamper' tall. Lorna went to work on that leg and as soon as she got there he was calm again. Maguire also had a  bad sunburn on his nose and Lorna tried to direct some reiki at that too. Maguire is a happy horse and whilst I didn't really notice a change in his attitude after the reiki, I have no doubt at all that he thoroughly enjoyed it. A very funny thing was that the sunburn cleared up almost miraculously within two days of the reiki session. If Lorna remembers how bad his poor nose was, she will know that this was quite amazing! The second horse Mojo was really quite amazing to watch as he received his reiki. The second that Lorna laid hands on him he visibly relaxed, dropped his head and started licking and chewing. Mojo does not have any chronic conditions, but he had been in a bad field accident and Lorna felt that he had lost a bit of self-confidence. His owner and I can testify that this is absolutely spot on. To see Mojo get the reiki was really quite amazing as he can be quite a stressy horse, but he just relaxed into it as I can hardly even describe.  For me, it was a fantastic thing to have the boys try reiki and their owner was more than pleased that they had got the chance to be Lorna's guinea pigs. Aside from her talent with reiki, Lorna is an absolute natural with horses and worked around the boys like she had known them for years. I would definitely recommend a session to any horse owner. The boys were so chilled out and relaxed after it.

Testimonial from Lynn 


 I have a funny wee Jack Russell called Oskar who can sometimes get a bit hyper apparently its typical of the breed. Lorna came to visit and gave him a special treat of doggie Reiki. The transformation was immediate. He became really chilled out and relaxed in her company and sat right next to her the whole time while she was talking to me. Normally he will get excitable when someone comes but with Lorna's amazing touch he became putty in her hands!

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