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Being brought up in a very spiritual and holistic home, it was easy for Lorna's own children to show their natural ability at a very early age and be very open to energy and healing. Both Rachael and Jonathan asked to be attuned to Reiki at the age of 9. Lorna took them to her own teacher as at that time she wasn't yet a teacher herself. A busy home with an open door brought many of the childrens friends in who also got to 'feel' the energy on a regular basis. Reiki was a great gift to the children while at school and of course beyond. They were both involved in a tragic road accident in 2008. Jonathan went Spiritside at the age of 17 ? Rachael had a long recovery and continues to work with Reiki in her life, she is now a teacher herself ~ Rachael and Lorna are always full of Gratitude for the Blessings of This Life 

Since becoming a teacher, Lorna has taught many children Reiki. Lorna says ~ "it is an absolute Joy to pass this on to our Young Wise Ones. Seeing how my own children grew up with Reiki in our Home it is the most natural thing in the World to pass this on. Helping our children stay in awareness of the Joy of Life, positivity, self empowerment, love, peace and compassion for themselves and others ~ this is part of our role in being a Parent. The youngest child to come along was 4 years old... so much fun and once again amazed at what I learn myself"

Children who would like to be attuned and taught Reiki are welcome to enjoy this class if their parent or guardian has already been taught, with parental consent and of course the child's permission. 

Among other things, your child will receive the very beautiful 1st degree Attunement to Reiki, self empowerment and relaxation techniques through breath and meditation, the main hand positions and how to work with Reiki on themselves, their family and pets, insects, plants, food and water 

Lorna has Enhanced Disclosure (Scotland) for working with youth and children.
Classes limited to 6 Children

Childrens Reiki Workshop Booking
To Book contact Lorna on 07951 664846

1st Degree Children's Reiki Workshop (age 4 - 11) - £100
1st Degree  Reiki Workshop (age 12- 16) - £100



Children & Teenagers 1st degree Reiki Workshop ~ A Gift for Life

  • To Book please contact Lorna on 07951 664846 or email

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