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The Reiki Drum Technique combines the practice of Shamanic Drumming with the protective and gentle energy of Reiki, creating a powerful and transformational healing modality.  Reiki Drumming is a specialized method of introducing Reiki energy into a client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief.


The drum works intuitively over the client’s body to deliver a deep healing treatment. Reiki flows on the vibrations of the drum and into the recipient. This is followed by a Reiki session to fully integrate the treatment and ground the client.


Drumming is helpful when treating arthritis, mental illness, migraine, cancer, MS, paralysis, healing after surgery, stress, tension, fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, sleep and emotional disorders.  I qualified as a practitioner in the Reiki Drum Technique in 2018 and a teacher in 2022.


The Reiki Drumming Program was created by Michael A. Baird in 1999. Michael is a Reiki Master at the Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre in Sedona, Arizona. He has weaved his many years of knowledge and experience with Reiki healing, shamanic drumming, and spiritual healing, into this powerful, transformational offering.


 Absolutely no musical experience is necessary 😊


** 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki Drumming 2 day Class ~ £400 **

Bring your own drum (or ask Lorna where to purchase one)


(prerequisite 2nd degree Usui Reiki and above)

Book here

Biofeedback research indicates that even brief heartbeat drumming can double light meditative brainwaves (alpha) and reduce stress. We now know that stress depresses the immune system and has been linked to nearly all diseases. Study results show that drumming can also increase the production of the body’s natural painkillers ~ endorphins and endogenous opiates ~ and can help to control pain. As stress is relieved, tensions in the physical body are often released as well.


Reiki Drumming Technique may also help with the following ~


Remind your body of its ideal vibratory rate and Learn Reiki Drumming methods to help relieve pain

Harmonize your energy with the heartbeat of the earth.

Learn methods to increase the power of Reiki distance healing.

Remove blocks to learning a musical instrument.

Learn methods which relieve fear of creating sound.

Balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously.


Reiki Drumming Practitioner Training ~ This is a two day class


Space Clearing/Opening ceremony/meditation


honouring the 7 directions


What is Reiki Drumming and its Origins


Scientific Research


Meeting your Drum with your Heart, connecting with the unique energy of your own personal drum


Reiki Drum Journey ~ Finding Your Voice


Reiki Drumming Attunement

Attunement to Usui Level II symbols with the intention of attuning the Reiki drum and the student’s higher self to one another and ultimately to the Heart and Mind of the Divine.


Intuitive Development

Enhancing ability to intuitively discern the vibrational frequencies of the Reiki symbols through sound.


The power of thought ~  Developing Healthy Mental Thought Processes and Emotional Responses

The power of thought – thoughts are “things” The collective creative God consciousness Recoding unhealthy mental and emotional patterns with Reiki Drumming Affirming and integrating positive change


Professional Ethics for Reiki Drumming Practitioners


Reiki Drumming Healing ~ Basic Technique


Practice ~ Practice giving and receiving Reiki Drumming sessions.


The Reiki Drum ~ Journey Technique

Introduction to the Shamanic Drum Journey Similarities and Differences between Reiki Drumming and Shamanic Drumming.


Journey to meet your Power Animal and Spirit of your Drum


Group Reiki Drumming Earth Healing and Peace Session for World Peace


Discussion and assignments

Teaching the reiki drum technique and case study guidelines for Practitioners.


Practitioner Certification & Closing Ceremony



  • Happy Vibes all weekend Reiki in a completely Unique way    Wow!!   ~   Anne Coughlan

  • I had the most amazing weekend. Thank you Lorna for holding space for us all. Ladies - thank you all for bringing your “A” game and sharing. I’m absolutely blessed to have spent this time with you. See you all soon for more “work” to be done xx  ~  Karen Davidson

  • Wonderful weekend with an amazing group of women  Thank you Lorna feeling blessed tonight  ~  Janice Bell

  • I'm lost for words about this special weekend one that i will never forget....sending love and gratitude to you all 

  • Well, what a weekend, Lorna McLean u never fail to bring the energy and the right woman together, the love in the room was unbelievable. We all agreed that drumming reiki was so much More than we expected, its blew my mind and can't wait to get using it. Thank you everyone for a beautiful soulful day xx  ~  Lisa Chakir

  • Truly Incredible, what a gift  ~ Sharon Stephen

  • A weekend that will live with me forever!!! The connection of beautiful souls, the opening of hearts and allowing the light to heal, strengthen, overcome and transform  Thank you Lorna for holding such a nurturing and safe space over the last two days. Feeling blessed, humbled and so incredibly EMPOWERED!! Thank you for changing my world  again!!!  ~ Martine Braid


  • What an incredible, emotional and powerful weekend! Divinely timed for all of our destiny's. So blown away by the power of the Reiki drum beyond words.

  • Wonderful to connect with all you amazing woman.

  • Thank you so much beautiful Lorna McLean for offering this weekend my life forever changed..again! Will always remember this day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  ~ Marilyn Mackay

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