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  Scotland's Annual Reiki Gathering 29th October 2023

~ The Love & Energy HighLight of the Year

Guest Speakers included ~ 


Joyce Winough

With a special exploration

of the life and legacy of Hawayo Takata.

 Joyce is the spouse of the late Phyllis Lei Furumoto and holds the Takata and Furomoto Archives

 ( Phyllis is the granddaughter of Hawaya Takata)
















Longtime Reiki Master Joyce Winough, spouse to late Usui Shiki Ryoho Grandmaster Phyllis Lei Furomoto, was an active member of the team that prepared the Hawayo Takata archives for donation to the University of California, Santa Barbara.   

In 2017, Joyce compiled the archival materials to showcase at a family reunion. As the slideshow was enthusiastically received by Takata’s relatives, Phyllis suggested Joyce create a daylong lecture for Reiki communities. And, at the end of 2017, Joyce flew from Kyoto, Japan to Vladivostok, Russia for the premier presentation to 30 Reiki students and masters. She has since been sharing these Archives with many global Reiki communities.  Her historically rich presentation includes slides and their accompanying stories. Remastered voice recordings of Takata Sensei from the original tapes, as well as transcriptions made by Helen Haberly will also be shared.   

Recently recognized as a member of The Office of the Grandmaster, Joyce holds not just the materials of the Takata and Furumoto archives but also the energy of connection to this unique and storied family. 

Pauline Speirs

Reiki and Gong Master  at Sound Therapy | Sound Therapy Scotland

Pauline will present a magnificent Gong Bath for us all

Peter Govan

Reiki Master and Musician at Sounds of Global Serenity

Peter will present a reiki voice and sound offering

Zaria Estaria Shanti

Reiki Master Teacher at

Zaria will present another beautiful Reiki Meditation

David At SamadhisoundScapes

David will be here again to share his wonderful sounds

Lorna McLean (Your Host)

Reiki Master Teacher at

Glasgow Theosophical Society 


I invite you to enjoy an opportunity to share Reiki and refresh your Reiki skills in the warm and friendly environment of The Glasgow Theosophical Society. This is a time for sharing Reiki with each other, distance sending, questions & answers, tea, chat and of course reiki hugs if you like :)

Please check with Lorna for the next Share date.

The offering for each share is £20 ~ please pay via paypal or on the door and let me know in advance that you are attending via Facebook or email.

I look forward to seeing you soon, even if you are not yet attuned and have an interest in learning Reiki you are welcome to come along and Feel the Force :) feel the Blessings and the Love Vibration that is Reiki.

Venue :

Glasgow Theosophical Society
17 Queen Crescent,
Glasgow G4 9BL

Please be aware there are parking meters in Queens Crescent and surrounding areas, they are usually active every day/evening until 10 pm including weekends. There may be free parking on Great Western Road and surrounding area.

The closest underground station is St. Georges Cross which is just a couple of minutes away from TS.

The closest train station is Charring Cross which is a 10 minute walk away from TS.

Note to Therapists ~ attending these share ~ each has a CPD value of 2 points.

 The primary vision of this event is to allow the natural healing method of Reiki, Sound and Energy Healing  to be available to the larger community regardless of background or financial restrictions. Over the years these Gatherings have been well attended by many Beautiful Souls and provide an opportunity to awaken new Souls to the Love and Light.. Every One is Welcome, we honour all schools and lineages. This event allows the Spiritual Community to come together as One. We are helping to support one another, our community and our Amazing Beautiful Planet.

For further information on the work that Lorna offers the World, please visit ~
07951 664846



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