Hello Loves,
I trust you are taking care of yourselves during this extraordinary and evolutionary times... 
IN PERSON AND ZOOM CONNECTION SESSIONS ~ I continue to be available here at The Peacock if you feel drawn to connect and communicate on a one to one in person basis.  Alternatively, we can connect via the zoom platform from the sanctuary of your own home.   I am looking forward to keeping in good contact with you if you feel drawn, so if you would like to book an appointment for distance reiki, reiki empowerment, meditation, 121 mentoring, to talk over your thoughts and feelings, or for some emotional and spiritual support ~ I am here… and as you are probably aware already, I only offer guidance from my own experience and intuitively in the moment.


Distance Reiki Healing can be received anywhere in our Beautiful World, just choose a time that suits you, create yourself a cosy nest to lie down in and if you wish to play some soothing music, and set your intention to connect with me and receive the reiki.  Distance Reiki will easily come to you even if you haven't taken the time to relax, however, it will be a more healing experience for you if you make the time, just like you would have made the time to come to my home to bliss out... you can bliss out where you are.


It is my intention to help make this time smoother, more positive and help us stay in Love, Compassion, Grace and Trust. The usual exchange for most of my offerings is £80 per hour or £40 for half-hour payable in advance. However, if you find yourself financially affected by the current situation, please message me and we can work something out via reduced offering/donation. Ideally, transfer payments can be made directly to my bank, alternatively via PayPal in advance, this information will be offered when booking. To arrange your session time please email, text, Facebook message, or leave a message on my mobile ~ 07951 664846.


I Trust we will all Be Well…. may I suggest we take care of the attitude we bring to our day, take care of the choices we make, allow ourselves to take this opportunity to rest, sleep and eat well, and remember our Breath… all of these things can assist our wellbeing anytime… especially now. We truly can help ourselves by staying positive as best we can, continue doing what we love, and remind ourselves that any form of Meditation, Healing and Reiki are known to Boost our Wellbeing and Immune System.

 Although it may not seem like it now…. This time in our evolution could be an amazing transformation for us all.

Let us all get through this Sacred time together.

Thank you for your presence in my life.
With Love and Blessings,
Lorna xx