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Reiki and Animals, pets, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and other creatures
Since a young child, Lorna always had a variety of pets and was taught from a very young age how to love, nurture and respect small creatures. So it comes very easily to Lorna to bring reiki to animals. She has had many beautiful experiences offering reiki to all her pets, neighbours dogs and cats, bumble bees in the garden, visiting frogs, beautiful horses,Tigers in Thailand, Elephants in India and many many more.

Here is some information on how Reiki can help your Animal...

Animals suffer pain, fear and anger from emotional trauma the same as humans. Reiki has an affinity and compassion with the energies of animals and works equally well on animals as it does with people. Animals have an aura and a Chakra system as we do. If you are attuned to reiki, simply by placing your hands on or near them and focusing your intent on what that animal needs to help it heal either on the physical or the emotional. In a short space of time you will see the animal respond to the Reiki healing energy.

All animals/creatures are sensitive to healing. When you place your hands on or near their body with the intent to channel Reiki the animal will often move around until your hands are on the area they wish to heal. They will often remain quiet and peaceful until they have had enough Reiki and then move away.

When channeling Reiki for animals/creatures we would work in the same way as for humans, but using intuition and common sense is the key when it comes to hand positions as it will depend very much on the size of the animal/creature.

Small animals/creatures can be cupped gently in hands giving complete support but making sure that their head is facing away from you and free from any restriction.
Snakes and other reptiles ~ Ask the owner about how the pet is normally handled. Work from head to tail or do the whole snake at once.
Larger animals ~ Horses, Dogs, Cats ~ With cupped hands working from the head down, the animal may lie down, sit or stand.
(If you are working with fish in a fish bowl then you can Reiki the water or Reiki thru the glass, do not touch the fish or remove the fish from the water) Reptiles/Insects can be kept in a suitable container and offer Reiki through the container. Only handle the creature if it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Lorna offers workshops from time to time regarding Reiki with Animals and included in the workshop is the showing of the wonderful film/documentary called THE ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR (what if you could talk to Animals?) ~ about the Work of Anna Breytenbach who has dedicated her life to what she calls interspecies communication. (a donation from these workshops is gifted to Anna to help her ongoing work). If you would be interested in coming along to this workshop, or if you would like Lorna to offer Reiki to your animal friends, please contact her for the next dates available.

If you are working with an animal/creature that belongs to someone else please be aware of the following:

This information has come from The UK Reiki Federation Website and is worth reading ~

Kush Kumar, Chairman of www.ctha.comhas said the following ~

".... Reiki for animals has been growing in popularity over recent years and in response to this the Reiki Council UK have compiled some basic guidance for Reiki practitioners drawn to working with animals. The RCVS classes Reiki in the same category as Faith Healing/ Spiritual Healing and therefore Reiki is not considered the practice of veterinary surgery. However, the law relating to animals is far more restrictive than laws relating to working with humans, so please make sure you are working within the law. If working abroad, check any legal position in the country you are visiting because laws do differ. Some countries for instance, may have laws forbidding touching wild animals. I completely advocate complementary therapies being used for animals as long as the animal is treated respectfully and within the law". 

The British Veterinary Association approves of Reiki but, as with humans, we must not diagnose or treat. It is recommended that you consult a Veterinary Practitioner. Reiki is not an alternative to a visit to your Vet... but it can work very well in conjunction with your Veterinary Practitioners treatment.

The owner must be asked if they have consulted a veterinary practitioner and if not they must be advised to do so and it would be advised that a disclaimer be completed and signed by the owner along the following lines:

I have been advised by _______________________________ (Reiki Practitioner) that I should consult a veterinary practitioner with my animal ______________________________ (animal name and species e.g. Fluffy the Cat) Signed ______________________________________ Dated ___________________________

You cannot insist that they consult a Vet. It is then up to you if you wish to give the animal Reiki or not. If you give Reiki to an animal that has not been referred to a Vet or the owner has not signed a disclaimer you are open to legal proceedings being taken against you and your insurance cover may be invalidated.

It goes without saying that animals always be treated with kindness and respect. At all times respect the feelings of the owner and offer Reiki with love.

Contact Lorna if you wish you animal to have a reiki session.

Usueful Information from the UK Reiki Federation ~

Reiki with animals

  • To Book please contact Lorna on 07951 664846 or email

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