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Reiki Treatment

A most powerful, empowering holistic and non-invasive complementary therapy, Reiki has a deeply relaxing and profoundly calming effect. The benefits of just one session may be felt for several days.



Your sessions can be Simply Beautiful Reiki.  However, Lorna also works with Crystals, Essential Oils and healing Reiki Drum vibration while sharing Reiki, Reflexology and other Holistic Treatments.  These can be offered in your reiki session if you wish.  If you are interested in a more bespoke healing session please discuss with Lorna.


The bespoke healing sessions can be any combination of Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki, Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki, Reiki Drum Technique, Reflexology, Crystals, Massage, Womb Healing, Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Despacho Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, conversation time and more  ~ A session can be very much tailored to compliment your healing intention. You can schedule a 60, 90 or 120 minute session. Lorna can assist you to set your intention for your deepest healing.


60 minutes ~ £80

(In-person or Distance Session)

A beautiful session to take care of you and your immediate needs ~ Focused Reiki (Usui and/or Karuna) with Reiki Drum Technique if you wish.


90 minutes - £120

(In-person or Distance Session)

Designed for you to walk out feeling like a new person. A Bespoke Healing Reiki session leaving you feeling relaxed and transformed. Your session can be tailored to your own unique requirements. 



Loving Connection Healing for Partners / Friends / Families

90 minutes - £200 for 2 people  (each additional person £100)

(In-person or Distance Session)

A special Healing offering Holy Fire® Reiki and Reiki Drumming session for more than one.  You and your other(s) will experience, hands on Holy Fire® Reiki, Reiki Drum and a Holy Fire Meditation Experience, deeper connection, balance and peace.


Also Available ~

One to One ~  Usui Holy Fire Booster Placements/Attunements/Ignitions can be offered to you at the level you have already received.  This can be done with your regular reiki session.


One to One ~ Holy Fire Karuna Booster Placements/Attunements/Ignitions can be offered to you at the level you have already received.  This can be done with your regular reiki session


Upgrade Usui Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki Ignitions for Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teachers can be offered to you on a one to one basis. 


Upgrade Holy Fire III Karuna World Peace Reiki Ignitions for Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teachers can be offered to you on a one to one basis.

Mentoring sessions for personal reiki practice and business mentoring is also available ~ see Personal Life Guidance, Mentoring


Here are some other Reiki Experience Meditation Sessions to choose from ~ these can be included with your reiki session


The Ocean of Holy Love Experience ~ Bringing a state of calm and peace


The Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience ~ Taking you to a place of Spiritual Nourishment

Holy Fire Healing Experience ~ bringing in higher frequency Healing Energies


Empowered by the River of Peace Experience ~ offering new healing energies, designed to manifest Peaceful feelings and Peace Manifesting Energies


Reiki Holy Love Experience ~ There are 4 different experiences. Each can be offered as an individual session.  Alternatively you can book in for all 4 Experiences, offered over 4 individual sessions  (In Person or Distance Sessions)

This is a healing series that consists of four 1 hour Holy Love Reiki Healing sessions as described below.


Reiki Holy Love I Experience (First Session) ~

In this experience, Divine Love is installed more clearly and deeply into one's soul.  Divine Love is a special kind of love that is more highly refined and has a higher level of consciousness than human love. It is simultaneously many things, it is a feeling of being loved by a kind and wonderful energy, a feeling of being cared for by an energy that knows you intimately and is fully capable of taking care of all of your needs. It is a feeling of being safe. It is a healing and enhancement of your own ability to love so that there are no unhealthy feelings associated with it. It is a love that you have for yourself and others that feels very natural and normal. It is an energy similar to life energy that flows throughout your body and your entire being and is a part of who you are. It can be present in your space without having to have someone or something as its focus. It soothes, relaxes, nurtures and heals very deeply.


Reiki Holy Love II Experience (Second Session) ~             

In this experience, Holy Love scans your timeline in this life to find an experience that needs healing and is important in helping you move forward on your spiritual path. It then works with the aspects and energies involved to heal the issue.


Reiki Holy Love III Experience (Third Session) ~

In this experience, Holy Love takes you back to the time of conception. The purpose of this experience is to heal everything needing healing from around the time of conception. This can include many things that were going on between the parents, ancestral issues, experiences in the womb and birth trauma.


Reiki Holy Love IV Experience (Fourth Session) ~

In this experience, the consciousness within Holy Love energy will evaluate where you are at and provide the type of energy and experience that is appropriate to heal and take you to the next level of your development as a student on the spiritual path and/or as a healer.

To read more about Reiki Classes and learning more about this gentle healing energy and its benefits read our Reiki information pages

If  you cant get here in person, I offer Distance Reiki Healing which can be received anywhere in our Beautiful World, just choose a time that suits you, create yourself a cosy nest to lie down in and if you wish to play some soothing music, and set your intention to connect with me and receive the reiki.  Distance Reiki will easily come to you even if you haven't taken the time to relax, however, it will be a more healing experience for you if you make the time, just like you would have made the time to come to my home to bliss out... you can bliss out where you are. 


Cancellation Policy ~

Lorna honours you and your time and sets aside time in advance to be here for you. Please be respectful and give a minimum of 24 hours notice if your session time is not going to work for you.  Your scheduled appointment time is the time allotted for your session. If you are late for your appointment, your session time will be shortened by the amount of time that you are late at the same exchange fee.  Clients can expect their first appointment to include a consultation/health history review and treatment.


To read more about this gentle healing energy and its benefits read our Reiki information page.

Book Reiki Treatment

To Book now... please contact Lorna on 07951 664846.


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